Choir of Hard Knocks: Seasons of Love

Dr Jonathon Welch AM with Choir of Hard KnocksAfter 13 years at the helm of Australia’s most famous and loved, award winning choir – the Choir of Hard Knocks, Dr Jonathon Welch AM will give his Melbourne farewell concert, Seasons of Love, at Melbourne Town Hall on Sunday 2 June 2019.

Seasons of Love will be a wonderful musical retrospective and celebration of the time Jonathon and the Choir of Hard Knocks have been together, as they celebrate on stage with fabulous musical friends the hilariously talented and funny Jan van de Stool, Danielle Matthews, the Play It Forward massed choirs and other special surprise guests!

“It has been the most amazing journey of my life and such an honour to lead this extraordinary ensemble since its inception in September 2006 that began as a construct for ABC TV,” said Dr Welch. “From such humble beginnings I never imagined it would have the tsunami like response from the public here in Australia when the documentary went to air.”

“It has inspired so many people to sing and the creation of so many choirs around the world. I couldn’t be prouder,” he added.

Under his patient guidance and superb musical leadership, the Choir of Hard Knocks went on to become the only performing troupe in Australian music history to be awarded the highest music, entertainment and television accolades including an ARIA, Logie and Helpmann award in the same year.

“It has been a huge responsibility though and has placed many demands on my personal and professional life over the years, as the choir has had their own share of hard knocks,” said Dr Welch. “But together we have shown that anything is possible as the choir has become more independent and continued to grow their beautiful positive voice for those who are marginalised, homeless and disadvantaged in the community.”

“My husband Matt and I have now also become the proud parents of two wonderful young boys, so we have some new priorities that we must focus on. I have also just launched my exciting new charity Play It Forwardthat will become the legacy of my experience and work over the past 20 years, as I create even more amazing inclusive arts programs for all Australians. I feel like this is really my life’s work and purpose now and has only just begun in earnest.”

“I have so much to thank Choir of Hard Knocks members for including their daily inspiration, love and support. They will always be my ‘footprint in the sand’ and I will always be their Number One Fan and be there to support them in whatever way I can.”

The search for the choir’s new musical director has begun in earnest.

For more information or to purchase tickets to the Seasons of Love concert, visit: for details.

Image: Dr Jonathon Welch AM with Choir of Hard Knocks (supplied)