Victorian Pride Centre and Lifeview shine a light on the needs of older LGBTIQ Victorians

VPC Stuart Kollmorgen and Lifeview CEO Madeline GallThe Victorian Pride Centre in collaboration with Lifeview has put a spotlight on the needs of older LGBTIQ Victorians by establishing a Foundation Partnership.

The three-year partnership will see Lifeview contribute funds in addition to essential resources for older LGBTIQ people. Lifeview will provide educational resources related to aged care, run open days and bi-monthly events on ageing.

Lifeview and the Pride Centre will collaborate with existing LGBTIQ groups to establish a specialist Dementia Café (support program) for those living with dementia and their chosen family at the Pride Centre.

“This partnership is a very important step for all at Lifeview and one that we are honoured to be undertaking,” said Lifeview CEO Madeline Gall. “The Victorian Pride Centre will lead the way in bringing resources and knowledge together for the LGBTIQ community and we are pleased to be able to add our expertise in aged care services and support to this.”

“As the only private provider of aged care in Australia to be Rainbow Tick accredited, we take our responsibility to assist and care for older LGBTIQ Victorians very seriously. Through this partnership we hope to break down barriers to care and assist those who need it to receive the support they require and deserve,” added Ms Gall.

There is currently no way to identify LBGTIQ older Australians accessing aged care services. This partnership between Lifeview and the Pride Centre, shines a spotlight on the needs of older LGBTIQ people and aims to empower individuals through consultation and education.

“A history of discrimination and stigma experienced by older Australians who identify as LGBTIQ can be a source of anxiety and create a barrier to disclosing who they are and accessing appropriate services,” said VPC Acting Chair Stuart Kollmorgen. “This partnership with Lifeview will provide a pathway for our older community members to gain knowledge and confidence to navigate their futures, in a safe and welcoming space.”

The partnership signals to other aged care providers that they need to work with the communities they care for and acknowledge and provide for the diversity of experiences. Everyone should have the right to be who they, to receive the care they need, in a safe space, without fear or prejudice.

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Image: VPC Acting Chair Stuart Kollmorgen and Lifeview CEO Madeline Gall, sign partnership agreement on the site of the Victorian Pride Centre, due to open late 2020 (supplied)