Tinder launches Big Rainbow Project

In a larger-than-life show of support for the regional LGBTQIA+ community, Tinder has unveiled Australia’s newest “Big” landmark, the Big Rainbow in its temporary home in Sydney and is now on the lookout for its new regional location as part of the Big Rainbow Project.

The Big Rainbow Project builds on Tinder’s continued commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community in Australia, kicking off with a nationwide call for suggestions to help decide on the landmark’s new home plus a $100,000 donation to regional community organisations to support programmes for the regional LGBTQIA+ community.

The project, which has been developed with the help of community advisors and experts, aims to raise awareness of the challenges LGBTQIA+ Australians can face in regional towns, where lack of visible communities & the geographic distance from urban celebrations can contribute to increased feelings of isolation and disconnection.

The Big Rainbow will also go live as a virtual destination in-app in the newly launched Tinder Explore section for Australian members to experience in the coming weeks.

With more than half of Tinder members globally being Gen Z, and as the most fluid of any generation ever, Tinder has revealed its LGBTQIA+ member base has grown at twice the rate of its overall base, and that non binary is the No. 1 “more genders” choice in the app.

“At Tinder we believe that everyone deserves a chance to make a meaningful connection with someone new,” said Tinder Australia country director, Kristen Hardeman.

“The Big Rainbow Project is a long-term commitment for us and a deepening of our support to the Australian LGBTQIA+ community beyond the urban centres through initiatives in app and across the country.”

“We hope to see the first ‘Big’ landmark dedicated to the community find a home in regional Australia where it can be a beacon for diversity, inclusion and self-expression,” said Hardeman.

“The Big Rainbow, supported by Tinder Australia, is more than just a fabulous landmark for regional queer Pride,” said Queer Agency Co-Director, Brooke Brady.

“This project demonstrates a significant commitment from Tinder Australia to provide tangible support for regional LGBTQIA+ organisations who work tirelessly to uplift their own communities year-round.”

“We are all deserving of love and connection, and we feel excited by the prospects of new connections formed under the rainbow,” said Brady.

The Big Rainbow is the latest in Australia’s legacy of over 150 “Big” landmarks and the first of its kind to celebrate and represent the nation’s vibrant and widespread regional LGBTQIA+ community.

The landmark has been designed with help from members of the LGBTQIA+ and First Nations communities to represent and celebrate Pride, far and wide in Australia.

Suggestions for the Big Rainbow’s regional home are now welcome until 10 April 2022. For more information, visit: www.bigrainbowproject.com.au for details.

Image: Tinder’s Big Rainbow with Nicholas Steepe (he | him), Jack Williams (they | them) and Sophie Barber (she | her | they)

The Big Rainbow Project details:

Come and visit The Big Rainbow as it debuts at Circular Quay
The colourful landmark for regional pride will be on display at Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal (The Rocks, NSW) from 3 – 7 March 2022. People visiting the Big Rainbow at its temporary home will be invited to join in celebrations of Mardi Gras during Rainbow Hour – an event hosted nightly from 4:30 – 6:30pm by Poof Doof. Celebrating Pride at The Big Rainbow will involve sets from DJs, Tinder’s Glambassadors – Coco Jumbo, Jimi The Kween and Danni Issues – merch giveaways including tickets to Poof Doof’s upcoming events and photo ops under the rainbow.

Participate in the search for a new home in regional Australia
Following its debut in Sydney, the Big Rainbow landmark will journey to a new home somewhere in regional Australia. Tinder is calling on suggestions from the public for the Big Rainbow’s future home, welcoming recommendations for the regional town where it could live on as a symbol of diversity, inclusion and self-expression for the LGBTQIA+ community.

A $100,000 donation to support regional LGBTQIA+ programmes
As part of The Big Rainbow Project and quest for its future home, Tinder is also announcing it will pledge $100,000 to support regional LGBTQIA+ organisations working in communities across Australia. Once The Big Rainbow’s home has been found, Tinder will commit the funds to a number of organisations who support and uplift LGBTQIA+ people, particularly in regional communities where support may be limited. Tinder will be announcing the full list of Australian organisations alongside the final home for the Big Rainbow landmark.

Coming soon – the Virtual Big Rainbow in-app in Tinder Explore
To help celebrate Pride across the country, Tinder is creating a special in-app destination in Explore, the new interactive space on Tinder, to help remove the geographical barrier that can often isolate regional LGBTQIA+ people. The Big Rainbow space in Tinder Explore will allow all members from across Australia to connect with like-minded people to celebrate under the Big Rainbow landmark and create meaningful connections with someone new, no matter their location. The virtual Big Rainbow will be accessible for all friends and lovers in the coming weeks.

Voices from the community tell stories of dating with pride. Join us at @tinderau
In creating The Big Rainbow, Tinder Australia seeks to make Pride accessible for everyone. The unveiling of both the physical and virtual Big Rainbows, is accompanied by the launch of a social series which heroes the experiences of LGBTQIA+ Aussies from regional towns. Talent hailing from central, west and northern NSW including Nicholas Steepe (he | him), Jack Williams (they | them) and Sophie Barber (she | her | they), will be sharing their stories of discovery, self-expression and dating with pride.