Timing of Pride WA Fairday under review in 2017

Pride WA FairdayPride WA has released a statement on the future of Fairday following a community forum in September with members of the community to discuss the future timing and cost structure of the event in order to ensure Fairday as an event is financially sustainable.

President of Pride WA, Andrew Barker said the overwhelming message from those attending the forum was that Fairday is the most important event hosted by Pride WA for the LGBTIQ community and it is imperative that the event continues.

“Representatives of community groups who attended the forum stated that Fairday is the major event on the LGBTIQ calendar during the year that provided community-based organisations and members of the LGBTIQ community an opportunity to get together and connect, while celebrating the diversity and differences that make up the LGBTIQ community,” said Mr Barker.

“Fairday is the main LGBTIQ event for youth to connect with and see other LGBTIQ people from all walks of life celebrating as a community, and to interact with information, assistance and community support services.”

It was established that a working group would be formed to explore various options in relation to the timing and structure of a Fairday model and make some recommendations to the Pride WA Committee to assist in creating a new Fairday model that can be implemented by the LGBTIQ community.

In the meantime, the Pride WA Committee has decided that any plans to hold Fairday in February are to be put on hold until a recommendation from the working group is discussed. This will include looking at how Pride WA can work with other community groups and stakeholders on specific areas of Fairday operations such as fundraising, entertainment, event management, the children’s play area and other elements.

“We will also be looking closely at the timing of Fairday as an event following several years of Fairday as a summer event in February as part of the Fringe festival program, and Pride WA will consider whether moving Fairday back into the PrideFEST program or another time is more appropriate,” Mr Barker added.

Once the working group has made its recommendations to Pride WA, a decision will be made in consultation with the LGBTIQ community groups and a formal announcement made. For more information, visit: www.pridewa.com.au for details.

Image: Pride WA Fairday