Midsumma-2024-STUCKTaking a dive deep into the very different worlds of two richly delicious, complex characters who find strength from differing sources, Gavin Roach presents STUCK by Kikki Temple at the Meat Market Stables, from 31 January – 10 February, as part of the 2024 Midsumma Festival.

Kikki Temple stars alongside Gabriel Cali in this new work that will see two people forced to inhabit space with someone they never thought they’d ever have to. 

Face to face with someone they fear, that they loathe, that they even lust for – confronted with these feelings without being able to escape.

What conversations are they forced to have? What concessions will they be forced to make and when the hell will someone fix this damn elevator?

With direction from Margot Fenley, Temple and Cali bravery stand within this scary space and it is their privilege to take the audience on one hell of a ride. Even if the elevator is not moving at all.

Director: Margot Fenley | Featuring: Kikki Temple & Gabriel Cali | Lighting Designer: Isabella ‘Iz’ Zettl

Meat Market – Stables, 2 Wreckyn Street, North Melbourne
Season: 31 January – 10 February 2024
Information and Bookings:

Image: Kikki Temple and Gabriel Cali – photo by Cameron Grant