Send Nudes

The Butterfly Club Send NudesA self-aware cabaret that hates itself, but looks good, Kissing Booth presents Send Nudes at The Butterfly Club for 6 performances from 4 July 2017.

James wants to be a handsome artist with a snuggly boyfriend. He wants to change the world and earn applause and delete all three of his sex apps. And he wants to write a cabaret about something more important than that.

James belongs on the stage. But despite following the advice of friends, lecturers, La La Land, Rob Mills, and Smash, the closest he ever gets is the front row. This is all set to change, though, when he makes one of the bravest, boldest, most narcissistic choices a young person can make – I should put on a cabaret.

Navigating the artistic process in a fashion he’s worried that too many people have seen before, he is also attempting to find a man who could love him, despite all of his qualities. And in this search, sexting leads to sex, which leads to regret, which leads to drinking, which leads to sexting, which leads to sex, which never ever leads to an acoustic version of Murder on the Dancefloor, we promise.

In a slurring sea of pop ballads, snide devastation, and torso definition, this cabaret occupies the time in life between adolescence and happiness. Led by the ferociously tender vocals of James Hardy, this here’s a show for the upbeat musical theatre kid who wants the world to see ‘em defy gravity. And also for the people that wanna hit that kid in the face with a broomstick.

From the creative team that produced a sell-out season of The Helendale Nude Footy Calendar at this year’s Midsumma Festival, as well as the dirty, sweaty, underground darling Sexy Dead Schoolboys in 2015, Send Nudes plays The Butterfly Club for 6 performances.

Director: Lindsay Templeton Featuring: James Hardy and Jake Stewart, with Luke McShane on the piano.

Send Nudes
The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne
Season: 4 – 9 July 2017

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Image: James Hardy features in Send Nudes (supplied)