Sean Szeps: Not Like Other Dads

HC-Sean-Szeps-Not-Like-Other-DadsNot Like Other Dads is a fearless, frank and funny memoir about reinventing the rules of parenting by Sean Szeps.

Sean had wanted to be a mum since the age of four, when he fell in love with Mrs Potts, the motherly teapot in Beauty and the Beast. But there was just one problem: he was not, in fact, a woman.

When he was swept off his feet by a handsome Australian man in New York City, Sean’s dreams of marriage and parenthood suddenly became a reality. The only things standing in his way: outdated marriage laws, hundreds of thousands of dollars and a healthy dose of internalised homophobia.

Though he had to battle intense family drama, depression and a difficult move to the other side of the world, he succeeded in becoming a father to boy-girl twins.

What happens when the traditional parenting rules, 10,000 years in the making, simply don’t apply? Not Like Other Dads is a raw, rollicking memoir about raising kids as gay parents without a map – or nap.

Hilarious and tender, Sean’s story helps all of us celebrate who we really are … empowering straight and queer parents alike to rewrite the parenting script.

Sean Szeps is the funniest dad in Oz. Well, at least that’s what his mom says. A podcast host, writer and content creator, Sean is most well-known for his accidental advocacy, which arose from sharing his journey as a gay husband raising boy-girl twins.

Originally from America, Sean moved to Australia and began hosting parenting podcasts like Spotify’s The Dad Kit and Mamamia’s The Baby Bubble, both of which quickly garnered a cult following. This opened doors, allowing him to write about the queer parenting experience for outlets such as the ABC, Mamamia, Kidspot, AdWeek and The Daily Telegraph.

As a passionate advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community, Sean launched Australia’s first-ever coming out podcast, Come Out Wherever You Are, with SCA’s LiSTNR, his guests including Billy Eichner, Courtney Act, Abbie Chatfield and Patricia Karvelas. Sean lives in Sydney with his husband, Josh, and their twins, Stella and Cooper.

“Through Sean’s openness to share his vulnerabilities, we’re reminded why it’s important to welcome and accept diverse families.” – Narelda Jacobs

Not Like Other Dads is published by HarperCollins Publishers (ABC Books AU) and available from all good book stores including QBD Books.

Image: Not Like Other Dads – courtesy of HarperCollins Publishers