Review: Rouge (Adelaide Fringe)

Adelaide Fringe Rouge - photo by Jodie HutchinsonWant to go see a circus and physical-theatre show but not sure which one? Do you want wow factor acrobatic acts? Do you want sexy looking performers? Do you want catchy pulsating musical beats? Do you want a splash of comical routines? How about some opera to add a bit of fanciness to the mix? Ok then I have the show for you. Rouge!

Dark and broody with lots of sexy sultry bodies bending into all sorts of shapes and positions this show sets off all sorts of tingles after you watch it! If you’re a bit of a prude and don’t like nudity, then close your eyes for those bits. This show is worth seeing for the incredible acrobatics, melodic operatic vocals and the funny and charismatic performers.

Just when you think “I’ve seen all there is when someone brings out the hoola hoops at a circus” Ahhh no! This performance is cheekier and lots more fun. It will certainly “turn you on!” You have to go see it if you want to know more. I’m not going to spoil the fun by telling.

The strength of both male and female performers is simply impressive. The balancing, the lifting, the throwing and catching is simply awe inspiring. The acrobatics in this show are at another level and you can’t help but whooo and arrrrr out loud after each act.

The music is perfectly matched to each performance. The pulsating beats blend well with the softer more soulful or operatic sounds. When you hear Shirley Bassey’s rendition of Big Spender mixed with ASAP Rocky’s version its sheer musical delight. From cabaret to hip hop and a sexy little strip, I mean like, really? Yes Please!!!

There’s such a sensual yet raunchy vibe sucking you in it consumes you with such bliss. No clock watching with this show, it leaves you wanting more. Its full of everything an amazing circus/physical-theatre show should be and more. Oh, and did I mention the bit about the whips?

The Octagon at Gluttony, Rymill Park, Corner East Terrace and Rundle Road, Adelaide
Performance: Tuesday 26th February 2019
Season continues to 17 March 2019
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Image: Rouge – photo by Jodie Hutchinson

Review: Anastasia Lambis – courtesy of All About Entertainment