Review: Patrick Collins – The New Nine

MF21-Patrick-CollinsWelcome to the revolution. Welcome to The New Nine!

Patrick Collins is at the forefront of a rapidly unfolding but wildly unknown or spoken about conundrum – is the symbol commonly and universally used for the number nine, just an upside six?

Without a doubt Collins has thought about this more than you – more than anyone, it can be said. But, after one night in the early 2020 lockdown, the journey to enlightenment began.

Lines, crossovers and curves drove Collins on and on and deeper and deeper into the depths of oddly useful information about the history of the number nine and numerological symbols in general.

Collins has a way of cancelling the mania and rapid fire structure of the work to deliver a funny, earnest and very very detailed performance. There are times when he looks a little lost and overwhelmed by the material but these detours are slight and often adds to his likability.

Even though there are moments when the cacophony of information and the unending repetitive cycle of the works through line can be exhausting, it all barrels to a very insightful, honest and relatable ending.

Patrick Collins – The New Nine is a fast paced and hilariously wonderful love letter to crushed ambition, finding purpose in the nothing and having the will to get up and do something… anything, to get through the day.

Patrick Collins – The New Nine
Melbourne Fringe Digital On Demand
Season continues to 17 October 2021
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Image: Patrick Collins (supplied)

Review: Gavin Roach