Review: GODZ

GODZ-Thomas-Gorham-Callan-Harris-Jordan-Twartz-and-Liam-Dummer-photo-by-Russel-LudtAncient Greco-Roman culture admired the male physique.

And in GODZ, you have four examples of a range of impeccable male forms: from the slim and muscular (twinkish for the gay readers) Cupid (Liam Dummer) to the heroically built Hercules (Callan Harris).

(Side note: Callan’s Hercules looks like the live-action version of Disney’s Hercules.)

Rounding out the foursome, you have the athletic Dionysus (Jordan Twartz) and ‘Mr Perfect 8-Pack Abs’ Apollo/Hades (Thomas Gorham).

The loose plot is the rise of Hercules from demi-god to the full-fledged ‘God of Heroes.’ Along the way, this involves dancing wearing nothing more than plates.

And when caught by his father, Zeus (also Liam Dummer), Hercules is punished with a visit to Hades for cavorting naked with his cousins and not allowing his father to join in.

(The previous sentence will give you an idea of whether GODZ is the kind of humour that’s a good fit for you.)

Hades takes the award for best costume with his Skeletor-inspired outfit.

Throughout GODZ, each acrobat had at least one moment showcasing his unique talents. Think handstands and headstands in the most gravity-defying range of positions.

Boys stacked on boys. Boys stacked on chairs. Boys loose on the trapeze. Boys with whips and candles.

Unexpectedly, the men weave humour into their performance. This show is circus + comedy + nudity.

But let’s get real. None of the three hundred or so words above matter. You have only two questions: are the boys hot? Is GODZ worth seeing?

The answer to these questions is yes, they are, and yes, it is. Plus, added bonus, GODZ is knee-thumpingly funny.

In other words, while the Greco-Roman gods from Head First Acrobats  do have admirable physiques, they’re more than just perfect bodies.

The Vault – Festival Park, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne
Performance: Wednesday 18 October 2023
Season continues to 29 October 2023

For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Thomas Gorham, Callan Harris, Jordan Twartz and Liam Dummer – photo by Russel Ludt

Review: Daniel G. Taylor