Australian LGBTIQ Organisations join forces to create the Rainbow Initiative

SONY DSC15 Australian LGBTIQ Charities and community groups have joined forces with the Global Fundraising Initiative to create a new online donation service called the Rainbow Initiative.

The Rainbow Initiative is an online shopping site where people can shop for products and services from Australian retailers and donate for free to their favourite LGBTIQ charity.  The free donation is created from the sales commission paid for purchases via the Rainbow Initiative website.

“This initiative makes it incredibly easy for people to help charitable work,” says the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation’s David Riddell. “It means that donors can make a real difference with their shopping dollar, knowing that purchases they make are supporting a cause they feel passionate about.”

“Shopping with the Rainbow Initiative’s participating retailers doesn’t cost shoppers any more than buying from them direct and the donation comes from the commission we are paid on the sale,” says Alex Jordan, CEO Global Fundraising Initiative.  “We have created a way for our community to donate to charity for free.”

The more than 100 participating Rainbow Initiative retailers sell clothes, shoes, beauty products, flowers, sporting goods, office supplies, book hotels and even credit cards, insurance policies or mobile phone account.  There is also a food home delivery service participating.

“Australians are spending around $30 billion a year through online shopping, we are hoping that the community will use the Rainbow Initiative first to find their online retailers before going anywhere else so that the community charities and groups get the support they need,” added Mr Jordan.

Charities and Community Groups participating in the Rainbow Initiative include Bobby Goldsmith Foundation, Twenty10 incorporating GLCS, WA AIDS Council, Positive Life SA, NSW Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby, GLWA the Matrix Guild of Victoria, Living Positive Victoria, The Pinnacle Foundation, the Gender Centre, pflag Perth and the Transgender Anti-Violence Project.

“As a part of the community myself, creating the Rainbow Initiative to benefit these organisations has been a personal goal of mine”, said Mr Jordan.  “Our Charity Organisations have done so much for the community and it is my personal hope that we will have all community groups come on board to be a part of the Rainbow Initiative.  We have invited them all to participate but are still waiting for some to respond.”

People buying products via the Rainbow Initiative will have the option of joining the site.  If they do join, the commissions generated by their shopping is donated to their nominated charity in their name and they will receive the tax deductible receipt for the donation amount.

“The Rainbow Initiative is the one making the donation, not the shopper,” explained Mr Jordan. “We make the donation in the shoppers name as our way of saying thank you and encouraging them to come back and shop again so even more money can be donated.  It is the shopper after all that is spending the money.”

The Rainbow Initiative provides all participants with an email confirmation of their purchase and the donation amount with the tax deductible receipt from the charity sent to the shopper being the confirmation that the donation has been paid.

“Too many businesses ask people to shop with them and they will donate but how can the shopper be sure what has actually paid to charity?  With the Rainbow Initiative, we donate on behalf of the shopper so that they can confirm that the donation they have created has in fact been paid,” said Mr Jordan.

The Rainbow Initiative went live in Australia in late February, with current plans to expand the program into the USA in March/April 2015.

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