Photography Exhibition Illuminates Real Experiences For PrideFEST

Crooked-Images-Pride-Project-CommunityProminent Perth photographer Lauren Crooke of Crooked Images has launched her cinematic photography series, Pride Project, created in response to violent, hate crimes inflicted on members of the LGBTQIA+ community which is set to exhibit throughout PrideFEST.

Pride Project was born after Lauren Crooke and Wayne Evans invited the Perth LGBTQIA community to participate in a mass group photoshoot, rally, and silent march in April 2023 at the Perth Cultural Centre, as an artistic protest after two men in the community were violently beaten on James Street on a night out in Northbridge.

The response from the community who participated and those who viewed the images was immense. Seeing it’s impact inspired Crooke to share more stories through her photography to bring awareness and bolster the community.

The project has received the full support of The City of Perth and WA Police, who have assisted with licensing the gallery space in collaboration with Pride WA for the exhibition, and facilitated intermittent road closures on William street during peak hour to be used as a location for one of the photoshoots which will be able to be viewed during the exhibition.

Lauren Crooke, while usually known for her natural light, large-scale mass group nude photoshoots, and boudoir business for women and non-binary folk’s body reclamation, is taking on a new cinematic medium as the vessel for her art and activism.

A 2023 TEDx Perth keynote speaker, and featured artist and exhibitor at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale; Pride Project will be her third exhibition this year.

Pride Project is a compelling art exhibition that strikes a balance between storytelling and artistry from photographer Lauren Crooke. The cinematic images are a communal narrative, and profound exploration of the LGBTQIA+ community’s experiences and often untold stories of adversity.

Each piece inspired by real-life accounts submitted by members of the community which Crooke has carefully translated into visual form, using lighting donated by major sponsor, Team Digital, and special effects equipment to direct dramatic scenes that evoke significant narrative and atmosphere.

Crooke’s works extends beyond documentation; a photographer with an eye for narratives that resonate and connect, Pride Project encourages an intimate dialogue with the viewer, turning spectators into participants.

“We [the LGBTQIA+ community] create the community we live in. We are strong people and it’s time we are strong together, and deliver our message past our community and into the wider population,” said Wayne Evans, co-curator of Pride Project.

Visitors to the exhibition will find a space where empathy and art converge. Lauren’s imagery, while deeply personal, capture universal themes of identity, struggle, and endurance. They are a tribute to the strength of the community, presented with honesty and aesthetic sensitivity.

Pride Project brings to light the experiences of the local LGBTQIA+ community and offers an opportunity to engage with their stories through the empathetic eye of Lauren Crooke. The exhibition is a testament to the power of photography as a medium for social awareness and connection.

Exhibiting at Pride Piazza Gallery throughout Pride Fest, Pride Project will display large prints featuring community members, inspired by real events, and a selection of anonymous stories.

Pride Project
Pride Piazza, Corner James and Lake Streets, Northbridge
Exhibition continues to 25 November 2023
Free entry

For more information, visit: for details.

Image: A Portrait from the Series, Pride Project – courtesy of Lauren Crooke