PFLAG urge email action on Marriage Equality now!

PM Malcolm TurnbullAhead of a critical week for marriage equality, supporters of the reform have been urged to take action through the new Speak Up campaign. According to news reports, Government MPs are at loggerheads over the issue with MPs who oppose marriage equality attempting to silence supportive MPs.

Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) is a sponsor of the campaign which continues the successful Make It Law campaign that helped defeat a plebiscite last year.

“Now is the time to act if we are to have any chance of achieving marriage equality in this term of Government,” said PFLAG national spokesperson, Shelley Argent. “I urge anyone who is yet to send an email to do so asap at Do it for yourself and do it for your loved ones.”

The Speak Up campaign is aimed at Liberals who support marriage equality but can’t speak up for it because they don’t have a free vote. It urges everyday Australians who back marriage equality to write to Liberal MPs urging them to do more to allow marriage equality to pass, including pushing for a free vote in their Party. Already, half a million Australians have seen the campaign, with almost 100,000 sharing it online.

“I’m amazed so many people have seen and shared our campaign online, but we need many more to take action now,” said Mrs Argent.

To see the Speak Up campaign video for Malcolm Turnbull, click here. To see the videos for other Liberal members who support marriage equality, click here.