Peter Rugg’s Big Gay Adventure!

TBC Peter Rugg’s Big Gay Adventure APNAs Australia is on the cusp of legalising gay marriage or going through a demoralising plebiscite, gay rights are once again being discussed by those who aren’t even gay… Sigh! But what’s it like to grow up this century? How far have we really come?

Ever since he was a young gay, Peter Rugg has dreamt of his perfect wedding – dressed in white, with his tall muscle stud husband, doves flying overhead. Unfortunately for him, it’s not quite legal. And how exactly does one find a husband among all the hairless torsos on Grindr?

A camp tale of a narcissistic millennial, Big Gay Adventure! is Peter’s first full-length cabaret, or as he likes to say: cabagay. When thinking about his experience of growing up gay, he realised just how awful, messy, and amazing it was. With the advent of Grindr, finding your identity as a young gay man has changed dramatically.

Peter is here to be as camp and visible as he can. If not now, when? Told through classic pop and the occasional music theatre ditty, come along for the adventure and see just how much things have changed, and how a young gay can survive the high and lows of youth.

Peter Rugg’s Big Gay Adventure!
The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne
Season: 20 – 24 July 2016
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Image: Peter Rugg