ORACLE returns to Melbourne – announces Sydney season

APN-Bass-Fam-Creative-ORACLE-photo-by-Ben-VellaAfter a sold-out tour in three Australian capital cities in three amazing venues: The Playhouse – Arts Centre Melbourne, The Princess Theatre, Brisbane and The Octagon at Adelaide Fringe Festival, ORACLE returns to Melbourne for a new season at the Athenaeum Theatre from 14 July, and announces a season at the Studio – Sydney Opera House from 3 August 2022.

From the creative team behind the award-winning MATADOR and the critically acclaimed MANSION, comes the latest fusion of circus, burlesque, dance & contemporary storytelling: ORACLE. And it is one for the gods!

Since the beginning of time, humankind, gods and goddesses alike, have all looked up to the stars in an attempt to draw meaning from the Universe. In doing so, prophecies, myths and tales have been told; tales of monsters, mermaids and other mythical creatures.

Of powerful goddesses, and vengeful gods, of heroes and beautiful maidens. Tales of a decadent time, of love and lust, of bravery and sacrifice. Tales and legends that birthed the star constellations of the Zodiac signs we know today.

Delivering these prophecies and myths, a maiden – a warrior, a saviour and an empathy, a beauty robbed of sight but blessed with vision. The voice of the gods, the light in the dark. She is ORACLE – performed by The Voice and The X Factor contestant, Jazmin Varlet.

Let ORACLE and her haunting, powerhouse vocals guide you through the 12 zodiac myths, explored thematically through live vocals, world class circus acts, mesmerizing aerials, steamy burlesque numbers, interlaced with ballet, contemporary and commercial dance.

With a diverse, talented and attractive cast of 18 performers, Oracle brings you elite specialty acts and choreography, set to an epic soundtrack of classic anthems, hit songs, ballads, covers and cinematic masterpieces.

The handmade costumes, providing an injection of high fashion into the mix, pay homage to some of the biggest names of the fashion world.

“It is nothing short of a miracle that we have reached this point,” said ORACLE creator Bass Fam. “This show was set to be performed in July/August 2020 but we had to cancel due to the pandemic.”

“We had to recast and re-audition and find a new venue. And then cancel & postpone auditions due to lockdowns – it has been quite the journey.”

“And now we have a stunning cast of 18 performers from all around Australia, performing tales of zodiac mythology that have inspired me from a young age,” he said.

The team at Bass Fam Creative have crafted yet another feast for the senses, with something in ORACLEfor those who dare to dream.

Artists skilled in dance, song, circus arts, and burlesque left the audience mesmerised.” – Australian Arts Review

Athenaeum Theatre, 188 Collins Street, Melbourne
Season: 14 – 30 July 2022

Studio – Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney
Season: 3 – 14 August 2022

For more information, visit: for details. Checkout the trailer here!

Image: ORACLE – photo by Ben Vella