New workshop to help young LGBTI people tell their story

ACON_storyA new series of workshops is set to help young LGBTI people use multimedia to create digital stories around health-related topics. The Tell Your Story project has been developed by ACON in collaboration with Thinkspace at the Powerhouse Museum.

In addition to building multimedia and video development skills, participants will be encouraged to explore themes important to them such as their first time having sex, relationships, marching in Mardi Gras, identity and mental health.

“Tell Your Story provides a unique opportunity for young LGBTI people to learn new skills, to fully express themselves and to explore a range of issues important to them,” says Karen Price, ACON Director of HIV and Sexual Health. “Through this process, they’ll help start conversations and build community awareness around important issues, from a young person’s perspective.”

The project was successfully piloted last year, resulting in five unique videos focussing on stories of young gay men. Vu Tuan Nguyen, creator of the video I Knew You Didn’t Have Anything said: “I have used the newly developed skills I gained from this exciting initiative to produce a video about my first time having sex.”

“I won’t give it all away but let’s say that I was less than sensible in the choices that I made. It was hot but I took risks that that I wish I didn’t. My message here is the same as ACON’s because it’s incredibly important that we play safe while we’re exploring our wild sides.”

“The best part of making the video was being able to talk about polyamory (or non-monogamy). As a cis-gendered, Vietnamese-Australian who is polyamorous I feel I have a broad appreciation for the beautiful things that happen when difference intermingles on equal terms.”

“Being physically and ideologically diverse has taught me not to assume that someone’s viewpoint is inherently better or more ‘normal’ than someone else’s. This applies to views about intimacy as much as to multiple areas of our lives and society.”

If you would be interested in learning some new skills and have a story to tell, email: to find out more. Applications for the workshops are now open and close on Friday 5 June 2015. For more information, visit: for details.