Minus18 get the keys to the Victorian Pride Centre

APN VPC MINUS18Minus18, Australia’s youth driven network for LGBTIQ youth is the first LGBTIQ organisation to sign a tenancy at the Victorian Pride Centre.

Pride Centre Chair Jude Munro AO symbolically handed over the first set of keys to what will be Minus18’s new home, when the Pride Centre doors open in late 2020.

“We are thrilled that the Pride Centre’s first LGBTIQ resident organisation supports and empowers the youngest members of our communities and will have a permanent home to support future generations,” said Ms Munro. “Minus18’s presence cements our community’s legacy but also our activist origins of being young and proud.”

“Through the important work of Minus18, future tenants and the social activation spaces, LGBTIQ youth will have a safe and welcoming home at the Pride Centre,” added Ms Munro.

Minus18 will be located on the first floor of the Pride Centre along with other LGBTIQ focused resident organisations soon to be announced. Minus18 will have a dedicated office space with access to co-working, meeting room and event spaces throughout the iconic Centre.

“Each year, Minus18 supports thousands of LGBTIQ youth across Victoria, providing a place where they are safe, empowered and belong,” said CEO Micah Scott. “The Victorian Pride Centre extends this sense of belonging to a physical home, and is an exciting milestone, bringing with it a training ground for the next generation of volunteers and community leaders.”

This state-of-the-art, 6,000 square metre Centre will be the second-largest Pride Centre in the world. Through an integrated and multi-faceted approach, it will provide local, national and international visitors with access to technology, resources, essential health and social services, social connection and shared learning opportunities.

For more information about the Victorian Pride Centre, visit: www.pridecentre.org.au for details.

Image: VPC Chair Jude Munro AO, Minus18 CEO Micah Scott and team mark the signing of their tenancy agreement, on the site of the Victorian Pride Centre, due to open late 2020 – photo courtesy of www.photosbyjeevs.com

Source: Victorian Pride Centre