Make your Springtime Memorable on Sydney Harbour

Fort Denison and Sydney skyline APNIf you are in Sydney during springtime, count yourself lucky. This is because you get the opportunity to enjoy your time to the fullest. The Sydney Harbour, which needs no introduction, can make your springtime in Sydney very pleasant. Let’s find out about some of the major attractions and activities that you can indulge yourself in and around the Sydney Harbour.

Sydney Harbour National Park
If you love nature, what other time of the year could be better than Spring to be in this perfect blissful place? If you are in Sydney and visiting the Sydney Harbour, then you have to look beyond the landmark architectural structures of the Sydney Harbour to cherish the blessings of nature. Sydney Harbour National Park can satiate your nature craving since it shelters scenic islands, isolated beaches and rare pocket and patches of indigenous flora.

Sydney Harbour National Park provides you with the opportunity to hike all around the Sydney Harbour with its 100-km long Great Coastal Walk. This coastal walk comprises many sections and short trails, and you can pick one for the day. You can treat your visual receptors with the picturesque scenery all through your trail walk. Stop by any of the beach spots that you will come across during your walk trail for a cool and refreshing dip.

Cockatoo Island Camping
Cockatoo Island is a world heritage site declared by UNESCO. This is the largest island, which is located in close proximity to Sydney Harbour. Cockatoo Island has a shifting history of more than 100 years. From being a penal establishment in the 19th century to a reformatory school, and one of the bigger shipyards of Australia, it has experienced many settings.

The Island had been off limits for public for a century, but is now the centre of many public and tourist activities. It hosts extravagant art exhibitions and group tours. For an overnight stay on the island, there is a range of distinctive accommodations of apartments, heritage houses and luxury safari tents.

Cockatoo Island is a half an hour ferry ride from Circular Quay. In the pleasant temperatures of spring, spending the night in the middle of the sea while witnessing the beauty of the Sydney Harbour can be a lifelong experience.

A Cruise Ride
You can also make your trip to the Sydney Harbour more enjoyable by hopping on a cruise. You can book a private cruise from a good cruising service such as Sydney Princess Cruises. By using private charters, you are free to explore Sydney Harbour’s star attractions on your own.

Fort Denison
Located on a small harbour island, Fort Denison is an old defence facility and the only Marcello Fort of the British Empire on the entire Australian continent. It also came under friendly fire from the United States during World War II. The fort is now flocked with tourists in spring and on New Year’s Eve. The 360 degree view from the top of the fort visually treats you with the beauty of the Sydney Harbor and its immediate surroundings. The museum in the fort is also a good place to revisit the history of the area.

Image: Fort Denison with the Sydney skyline in the background