LNP postal vote plan flawed and biased

Love is LoveEquality advocates say a postal vote on marriage equality will be biased against the reform. The Queensland LNP has reportedly supported a postal vote which will be voluntary for voters, not bind parliament and cost $40 million.

“This is a deeply flawed proposal that will be biased against marriage equality,” said Just.equal spokesperson, Rodney Croome. “A postal vote will favour the ‘no’ case because younger voters, who are more likely to support marriage equality, are less likely to return their voluntary postal ballots.”

“It also won’t require legislation so the Government will be able to bias the question and other aspects of the vote any way it wants. It’s no coincidence that the only people keen on a postal vote are those who are dead against marriage equality.”

A recent Galaxy Research poll found that only 14% of Australians support a postal vote when they know it is voluntary for voters and not binding on politicians.

“The only legitimate path forward is a vote in Parliament where all members are able to vote according to their conscience,” said Mr Croome.

Image: Love is Love