Lifesavers with Pride launch Proud Beaches Scholarships for 2021/22 summer

Lifesavers-with-Pride-APNLifesavers with Pride (LWP) is excited to kick off its Proud Beaches Scholarship for summer 2021/22, promoting Surf Life Saving as a welcome, safe and valued place for LGBTIQ people.

The scholarship helps members of the LGBTIQ community become qualified lifesavers and join their local surf club by financially supporting recipients of the Proud Beaches Scholarships.

Over the last 2 seasons eight scholarships were awarded, across NSW, WA and Qld, and our goal is to increase the scope of scholarships this year. Scholarship applications are welcome from anyone from across the country.

The scholarships are for the Surf Rescue Certificate (13 – 15 year old) or the Bronze Medallion (over 15+), regardless of gender, culture, or physical ability, and anyone who meet their club’s award prerequisites (able to swim 400m).

Applicants will need to demonstrate in their application why they should receive the scholarship. Our straight allies are also welcome to apply, identifying how their candidacy will increase LGBTIQ involvement in lifesaving

The patrolling season operates from October to April in the south, and May to September in the northern tropics, so intake for new lifesavers varies by location. Applicants should contact their local surf club to find out their course dates and details.

Scholarship applications can also be submitted by surf clubs on behalf of their members. Assessment of applications will be reviewed 30 September, 31 October, 30 November, 31 December and 30 April.

“The Surf Life Saving community has made great progress in terms of LGBTIQ inclusion and participation in lifesaving, with SLSA joining Pride in Sport, and the states supporting our participation at each of the capital city LGBTIQ Fair Days last summer,” said Gary Driscoll, LWP Chair.

“Surf Clubs are welcoming, safe and inclusive, and we really encourage our LGBTIQ friends to visit their local surf club and try out lifesaving.”

“Completing the Bronze Medallion course is the first step towards patrolling the beach and competing in surf sports, and we are keen to ensure cost isn’t a barrier to becoming qualified lifesavers, and active surf competitors” said Gary.

Lifesavers with Pride encourages clubs to share this scholarship opportunity in their community, and they’d love to know what your club does to make members feel safe, welcome and included.

For more information and to apply for a scholarship, visit: for details.

Image: Lifesavers with Pride (supplied)