Liberal proposal to revisit plebiscite plan welcomed

Parliament House Canberra at EnlightenAdvocates have welcomed reports that the Federal Government may reconsider its plan for a plebiscite on marriage equality.

Pro-equality MP, Warren Entsch has said the Liberal party room may decide to have a free vote in parliament when presented with issues raised by a plebiscite including the estimated cost of $160 million.

“Coalition members should welcome an opportunity to revisit the plebiscite plan because a lot has changed since it was first adopted,” said Australian Marriage Equality National Director, Rodney Croome. “Polls show there is community concern about the price tag of $160 million, and there is deep concern about the fact some politicians won’t abide by the outcome.”

“It’s also clear the plebiscite plan has failed to get marriage equality off the table or erase differences in the Coalition, as some Coalition members hoped. By contrast a free vote in parliament would cost nothing, allow all politicians to express their view, and now that we have the numbers it would resolve the issue once and for all.”

Australian Marriage Equality recently announced there is sufficient support in parliament to pass marriage equality now. It has also released polling showing strong support for a parliamentary vote, and little support for a plebiscite, in three National Party seats and in the Prime Minister’s own electorate.

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Image: Parliament House in Canberra