Landmark Trans and Gender Diverse Campaign Launches

APN-Transgender-FlagThe Victorian Government has launched a nation-leading campaign to raise awareness and improve understanding of the experiences of trans and gender diverse Victorians.

Minister for Equality Harriet Shing has unveiled The Unsaid Says A Lot campaign, which has been developed to help people to see the impact of daily exclusion, judgement and discrimination on trans and gender diverse Victorians – and the positive and immediate impact of inclusion and connection.

“This campaign is all about encouraging people to stop and think about how their actions towards trans and gender diverse people can make a huge difference – for better or for worse,” said Minister for Equality Harriet Shing.

“We know that our interactions with others really matter, and this campaign is part of our ongoing work to reduce discrimination and stigma, and to contribute to more inclusive connections for trans and gender diverse people.”

“With this campaign we are inviting all Victorians to think about how they act and what they can do to help shape equality in our state,” said Minister Shing.

The campaign concept draws on the fact that 93 per cent of communication is non-verbal. Facial expressions, body language, gestures, eye contact and space can say exactly what people want to say, without saying a word.

The campaign portrays everyday situations to help viewers to feel what it’s like for a trans person experiencing discrimination. The videos also show the positive actions people can take on their journey to LGBTIQA+ allyship.

Research shows that more than three in four trans and gender diverse people have been treated unfairly because of their gender identity. The impact of persistent stigma, discrimination and exclusion is linked to higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide across LGBTIQA+ communities.

The campaign was co-designed with Victorian trans and gender diverse people and brought to life by Victorian-based director, actor, writer, producer and transperson Harvey Zielinski (he/him).

“I think this campaign is really important and powerful and I’m really pleased to be involved, especially in light of the vitriol we’ve witnessed towards the trans and gender diverse community over the past year,” said Harvey Zielinski.

“I wish we didn’t need to campaign for respect. I believe acceptance and inclusion should be a given, a bare minimum societally. I hope campaigns like this help work towards this goal, and improve the day-to-day lives of trans and gender diverse people.”

The year-long campaign will run on social media via LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. A range of resources has also been developed to help people to understand how to actively support our LGBTIQA+ communities. For more information, visit: for details.