FOMOsexual to debut at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

MICF2024 JD Zamora FOMOsexualFresh from his award-winning run at the 2023 Sydney Fringe, JD Zamora heads to the 2024 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, debuting FOMOsexual at Club Voltaire from 29 March – 12 April.

Autistic ADHD pansexual JD Zamora has a “Fear Of Missing Out” on being, trying – and above all, doing – the whole buffet of life’s options.

Blessed with an insatiable appetite for ALL the things, “too much” is never quite enough for this Māori, mixed-race, multilingual, queer, adopted, immigrant, neuro-divergent, disabled, ex-religious, geriatric millennial country boy.

Join the “ultimate diversity hire” with more intersections than a major highway junction as he muses upon the merits of membership within the majority of minorities in this magnificently madcap multimedia mélange.

And save space for a satisfying smorgasbord of sticky subjects, salty satire, and spicy social commentary as he valiantly ventures beneath the internet’s murkiest troll bridges in this life-affirming comedy experience for the weird and the weird-at-heart alike; a celebration of the outsider inside us all.

Featuring the Divergimon neurodiversity card collection as seen on ABC News, FOMOsexual is more than just a comedy show; it’s a life-affirming journey through the eyes of an incredibly diverse individual.

Club Voltaire, 14 Raglan Street, North Melbourne
Season: 29 March – 12 April 2024

For more information, visit: for details.

Image: JD Zamora presents FOMOsexual (supplied)