Fish Amethyst – the space trip of your life!

Midsumma-2024-Fish-AmethystTake a trip with the gods into outer space in this hilariously camp sci-fi adventure as Callipygian Blue Circle presents Fish Amethyst at the Bluestone Church Arts Space, Footscray, as part of the 2024 Midsumma Festival: 7 – 10 February.

High camp glamour and extravagant costuming meets low-fi technology in this space age operatic epic of ‘gilgameshic’ proportions. Take a trip with the gods into outer space in this hilariously camp sci-fi adventure. Buckle in as your supreme deities defy gender and gravity to fulfil the mission and blow your mind!

The Bluestone Church Arts Space becomes your spaceship while ancient Mesopotamian gods become your captain and crew as you become the fuel for this foray into the known unknowns, while you harvest the unknown knowns for the unknown unknowns.

The latest Midsumma offering from Chris Molyneux. This time, it’s personal – and they’re bringing John Vivian Jenkin, Claire Nicholls, Georgi McLaren, Isabella Gilbert and others along for the ride (you should come too).

“WARNING: Spontaneous enlightenment may occur and results could include unintended chakra luminescence,” says authors Chris Molyneux and John V Jenkin.

Chris Molyneux has written, produced and performed with Midsumma since first producing Fanny Fight at La Mama Theatre for the festival in 2002. Their other work includes Open For Inspection (2003), Zachariah & The True Secret of Happiness (2006) and Anton & Olaf, A Fruity Fairytale (2015). Most recently, they wrote and produced Doris & Doris… Go to a Funeral for the 2016 festival at La Mama with Jack Beeby.

Fish Amethyst
Bluestone Church Arts Space, 8A Hyde Street, Footscray
Season: 7 – 10 February 2024
Information and Bookings:

Image: Vera Way