Faith Leader condemns Court’s latest outburst against LGBTI people

ANGGOS the Venerable Rod BowerA prominent Australian faith leader has condemned Margaret Court’s most recent outburst against LGBTI people, saying they indicate why there should not be a plebiscite on marriage equality. In an interview on Monday, Mrs Court associated LGBTI people with Nazism, Communism, sexual abuse and Satan.

Responding to her comments, Anglican Archdeacon of the NSW Central Coast, the Venerable Rod Bower said: “Margaret Court does not reflect the views of 95% of Australian Christians who, frankly, would be appalled at these comments. The majority of Australian Christians support marriage equality, are frustrated that the Government has not yet allowed a free vote on this basic issue of fairness and inclusion.”

“Most of us know an LGBTI Australian and we want to celebrate their lives and relationships and it’s time the Government got on with the job. Comments like those from Margaret Court are why I so strongly opposed a plebiscite. We would have had people on street corners shouting these hateful and ignorant messages. It would have caused untold harm.”

Just.equal spokesperson and long-time marriage equality advocate, Rodney Croome, called on more faith leaders to join Archdeacon Bower in repudiating Margaret Court’s comments. “Margaret Court’s comments will shock many Australians and discredit the movement against marriage equality,” said Croome.

“I call on Australia’s faith leaders, particularly those who have said the marriage equality debate should be conducted more respectfully, to join Archdeacon Bower in repudiating Margaret Court’s statements.”

Mr Croome went on to say that Margaret Court should not “play the victim” when there is a backlash to her strident views. “Mrs Court has every right to hold her views but fair-minded Australians have an equal right to be critical of those views, to point out the damage they cause and to question their place in contemporary Australia,” he added. “That is what free speech is all about.”

Image: Anglican Archdeacon of the NSW Central Coast, the Venerable Rod Bower – courtesy of