Corporate support for marriage equality grows

Diversity Council Australia LogoMarriage equality advocates have joined with Australia’s leading workplace diversity advisor to business to urge corporate Australia to get behind the reform.

In response high-profile corporations including Qantas, Price Waterhouse Coopers, SBS and Football Federation Australia have signed a letter of support for marriage equality. The Diversity Council of Australia (DCA) is the independent, not-for-profit organisation that provides advice to over 250 member organisations, many of whom are Australia’s largest employers.

“The business benefits of marriage equality to corporate Australia go beyond just the significant financial gains,” said Lisa Annese, Diversity Council of Australia CEO. “Marriage equality will truly cement workplace fairness and inclusion for the LGBTI community. We are proud to partner with Australian Marriage Equality and will be doing all we can to promote the benefits of marriage equality.

Australian Marriage Equality national director, Rodney Croome said: “It’s great that Diversity Council Australia is on board with marriage equality because the organisation brings with it an immense experience and expertise when it comes to encouraging corporate support for equity and inclusion.”

“Several high-profile businesses have already signed a letter of support for marriage equality, including Qantas, Football Federation Australia, Price Waterhouse Coopers, and we are looking forward to many more joining them.”

Australian Marriage Equality will host a breakfast for CEOs in Sydney at the beginning of May. For more information about the benefits of marriage equality to the economy and corporate Australia, Visit: for details.

For more information, visit: or for details.

Image: Diversity Council Australia Logo