Community views sought on who should participate at Pride events

Who should march in prideJust.Equal Australia wants to know the views of LGBTIQA+ Australians on who can march in pride parades. The group has launched a new community survey in response to public debate about police marching in Mardi Gras and other pride parades.

“Police participation in pride parades has been a controversial issue for several years,” said JE spokesperson and social science researcher, Dr Sharon Dane. “There has also been debate about the participation of particular political, religious and business groups in pride parades and other pride events.”

“Just.Equal believe the views of the LGBTIQA+ community should shape public policy, especially on controversial issues like participation in pride events. That is why we have launched a new survey seeking the views of the wider LGBTIQA+ community.”

“The survey asks community members their view on police, religious, political and business participation in pride events, and under what conditions such participation is acceptable. We will ensure pride organisations and the media are aware of the results of the survey to better inform the debate in coming years,” said Dr Dane.

Events surrounding the Sydney Mardi Gras and Melbourne Midsumma Pride March in 2024 raised issues about who should and shouldn’t be part of such events.

For more information and to takes the LGBTIQA+ Pride Events Survey, visit: for details.