Blackie Blackie Brown is back!

MT Blackie Blackie BrownThe hilarious, ass-kicking comic-book superhero has returned to the Malthouse Theatre. Sold-out seasons in Melbourne and Sydney saw Blackie Brown rally audiences to laugh, cheer and bay for blood. In the process, becaming our nation’s favourite Indigenous superhero.

The brilliantly subversive Declan Greene has returned with Tahlee Fereday and Ash Flanders to present a live action feminist blaxploitation superhero comic book that will have you baying for blood. This ain’t about forgiveness. This ain’t about reconciliation. This is about Blackie Blackie Brown: Traditional Owner of Death.

Archaeologist Dr Jacqueline Black is on a dig in the Australian outback when she unearths a mystical skull from a hidden mass grave. Transforming into arse-kicking indigenous superhero Blackie Blackie Brown, she’s on a mission to track down every last descendant of the men who killed her ancestors, and have her revenge.

In a superhero spectacle, with live action and animation by Barkindji, Birri-Gubba illustrator Emily Johnson, Blackie Blackie Brown will bring to the fore the horrific, violent history of colonisation in Australia, through a scathing satire that is simultaneously brutal, smart, and funny.

Declan Greene has gained a reputation as one of the most exciting talents to emerge from the independent theatre scene in recent years. Previous productions include Moth, Pompeii, L.A., Eight Gigabytes of Hardcore Pornography, I Am a Miracle and The Homosexuals.

Nakkiah Lui’s previous productions include Blaque Showgirls, Black is the New White, Kill the Messenger, Blak Cabaret, Stho Sthexy, I Should Have Told You Before We Made Love (That I’m Black) and This Heaven.

“… it offers insight to the realities of living within a country where a great disparity still exists, with the volume turned all the way up.” – The Guardian

Director: Declan Greene Featuring: Tahlee Fereday, Ash Flanders Designer: Elizabeth Gadsby Animation & Video: Mike Greaney for Oh Yeah Wow Lighting & Projection Design: Verity Hampson Composition & Sound Design: Steve Toulmin Foley Artist & Assistant Sound Design: Nate Edmondson Concept Artist: Emily Johnson

Blackie Blackie Brown: The Traditional Owner of Death
Beckett Theatre – The Coopers Malthouse, 113 Sturt Street, Southbank
Season continues to 14 September 2019
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Image: Blackie Blackie Brown – photo by Phoebe Powell