Ball is in Margaret’s Court over naming of tennis arena

Margaret Court Book Launch 2016Equality advocates say Margaret Court has a decision to make about whether she wants an arena that stands for equality, diversity and inclusion to continue to be named after her.

Just.equal spokesperson, Ivan Hinton-Teoh, was responding to Margaret Court’s decision not to fly on QANTAS because it backs marriage equality and resulting calls to rename Melbourne’s Margaret Court Arena by some marriage equality supporters.

“Margaret Court is entitled to express her views on marriage equality, as are people who believe these views are damaging and outdated,” said Mr Hinton-Teoh. “We welcome confirmation overnight that both Tennis Australia and Melbourne & Olympic Parks that manage the arena support equality.”

“If Margaret Court is serious about boycotting businesses that support equality she has a decision to make about whether she wants her name to remain on a building that stands for equality, diversity and inclusion. The ball is in her court.”

Mr Hinton-Teoh renewed the call for marriage equality to be resolved quickly. “Disputes like this will continue to arise while the government stands in the way of marriage equality being successfully resolved,” said Mr Hinton-Teoh. “The quickest and most respectful way to resolve marriage equality is for the Government to allow a free vote in Parliament.”

Margaret Court is a former Australian tennis champion and currently an evangelical preacher in Western Australia.

Image: Margaret Court at the launch of her book in 2016