Australia’s Peak LGBTI Tourism Body Backs Marriage Equality

GALTA Mario Paez As the peak tourism body for LGBTI travellers and their friends, GALTA – Gay and Lesbian Tourism Australia – is looking forward to the day when all Australians can marry the person they love in the country they love.

Mario Paez, President of GALTA, said marriage equality will also benefit the tourism economy and align Australia with other lead nations around the world that have embraced equality.

“We know many same-sex couples who could wait no longer, and took advantage of the equal marriage laws in New Zealand and beyond, much to the detriment of the Australian tourism sector,” Mr Paez said.

“We expect that when the Australian Marriage Act is finally changed to include same-sex couples, a huge benefit in tourism spend on Australian destination weddings and honeymoons will be witnessed and celebrated.”

“Australia was an early pioneer and leader in LGBTI rights, but it has clearly fallen behind when you consider that 23 other countries around the world have introduced marriage equality.”

“We expect that changes to the Marriage Act will reposition Australia in a favourable view to LGBTI travellers and honeymooners both from within Australia and around the globe.”

“GALTA stands side by side with our members and friends in the tourism industry, who are all counting down the days to many happy and fabulous wedding parties ahead. We say, bring them on!”

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Image: Mario Paez (supplied)