Advocates slam Budget nod to Plebiscite

Parliament House Canberra at EnlightenEquality advocates are disappointed the Federal Budget has kept alive the possibility of a marriage equality plebiscite saying the money could be better spent elsewhere.

“It’s deeply disappointing that the Government is persisting with its expensive, damaging, unnecessary and unpopular plebiscite,” said Rodney Croome, long-time marriage equality advocate and spokesperson for just.equal. “If the Government is determined to spend $170 million on LGBTI issues it would be better off funding LGBTI school inclusion and mental health programs.”

“My fear is that the Government’s move may signal a desire to progress Peter Dutton’s pointless postal vote or to have a plebiscite at same time as the election. My message to the Government is that it will suffer at the election if it doesn’t resolve marriage equality with a free vote in parliament during this term of government.”

“I urge marriage equality supporters to contact Government members to urge a free vote and say ‘no’ to a plebiscite,” Mr Croome added.

Marriage equality supporters can send an email to Government members via:

Image: Parliament House Canberra