A Mysterious New Creation from Australia’s Leaders of Immersive Theatre

Broad-Encounters-When-Night-ComesLauded as the “leading creator of exciting and thoroughly immersive theatre in Australia right now” [Arts Hub], Broad Encounters has revealed a new creation – When Night Comes.

An intimate soiree for small groups only, When Night Comes is a distinct departure from the company’s hugely popular large-scale, free-roam productions Love Lust Lost (Melbourne 2023, Brisbane 2022) and A Midnight Visit (Brisbane 2021-22, Melbourne 2019, Perth 2019, Sydney 2018).

Dark, decadent and delicious, When Night Comes promises a bespoke, multi-sensory and distinctly intoxicating performance experience that blends theatre and cocktails. Set within an alluring bacchanalian world, visions and sounds, smells and textures, tastes and feelings will be conjured by a cast of empyreal characters.

“Those who have experienced our work know that we love to engage on a sensory level, including beyond the physiological, and When Night Comes sees us exercising this in fresh lyrical ways,” said Creative Director, Kirsten Siddle.

“The night will afford visitors the opportunity to revel in marvellous other worlds, other states, other lives – an escape from the ordinary and the chance at extraordinary.”

When Night Comes will be staged across an intimate section of The Austral Theatre, Collingwood, the company’s home for their 2023 Melbourne hit, Love Lust Lost.

“The ramshackle bones of The Austral provide us with the range required to stage this intimate soiree, and with the building set to be demolished, When Night Comes will give it one final farewell.” says Siddle.

Introducing bold new visions of how audiences can engage and interact with creative work and ideas, Broad Encounters curates remarkable experiences that blend forms, shatter conventions, transform spaces and inspire imagination.

Production credits include the award-winning and record-breaking production A Midnight Visit, inspired by the work of the Grandaddy of gothic literature, Edgar Allan Poe; the epic 40 room subterranean theatrical adventure, Love Lust Lost; the bespoke A Journey Most Unusual; and the endlessly entertaining magical homage to Japan, Maho Magic Bar.

When Night Comes
The Austral Theatre, 200 Johnston Street, Collingwood
Season: 11 – 29 June 2024
Information and Bookings: www.whennightcomestheshow.com

Image: Broad Encounters presents When Night Comes