Victorian Elections shows Anti-LGBTI fear-mongering a vote loser

Parliament House VictoriaEquality advocates say the poor Liberal vote in the Victorian election shows fear-mongering on LGBTI issues is a vote loser.

“The Victorian election result confirms what the postal survey already showed, scare campaigns on LGBTI issues don’t work,” said Just.equal spokesperson, Rodney Croome. “The Victorian Liberal Party’s attempt to ramp up fears about the Safe School program and transgender equality backfired spectacularly.”

“Credit should be given to community advocates, as well as Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, for clearly and patiently explaining why LGBTI equality and inclusion matter. The lesson for other states and for the federal election is clear, Australians punish those who play up to anti-LGBTI prejudice and reward those who stand up to that prejudice.”

Image: Parliament of Victoria, Melbourne