Tropical Fruits: Sparkling Rainbow Unicorn

TF Queens Birthday 2016In honour of Queen Lizzie’s 90th Birthday, Tropical Fruits are throwing a rather special 28th birthday bash: Sparkling Rainbow Unicorn at the Lismore Showgrounds on Saturday 11 June 2016.

Having broken free from its bondage in Queen Lizzie’s private zoo, the sparkling rainbow unicorn has trotted down the rainbow and landed in Lismore – virtue and goodness will not be enough to tame the unicorn.

Tropical Fruits will sparkle like a mirrorball made of stars, gleam like a technicolour cartoon rainbow, shine like hyper-dimensional glitterati and be hung like gay unicorns freshly liberated from monarchic chains. So if your inner mystical equine is laying dormant, awaken! Sparkling Rainbow Unicorn will be a glittering, rainbow pit of delight.

Get ready for some horse play, as we snort, stamp, dance and prance into the night with a stable of stallions, a field of faes, a quirk of queers and a wild of womyn. We will flirt, we will glitter and we will flitter. Then just when you think it can’t get any gayer, neigh!

There will be more dancing and prancing until there is glitter sliding from our brows and our unique-horns are shining magic into the night… seriously this party is going to sh*t rainbows and sparkle starlight. Just strap one to your forehead, roll in some glitter and get your pony ass down to Sparkling Rainbow Unicorn!

Tropical Fruits are really excited about the tunes for this party! Both DJs are popping their unicorn cherries with ‘Fruits’ at this event – so this is going to be new, fresh and really fun!

DJ Jim Jam – one of the fastest rising DJ’s and producers in Sydney, this UK expat has fast become one of the most sought after talents around. We caught him at Mardi Gras Party a few years ago- and couldn’t get off the dancefloor. Every time we’ve seen him since, his sets have been energetic, playful, sexy and spot-on. Whether it’s the bouncy, chunky beats; fun familiar big sounds or grooving deep tunes; JimJam has it all. Go check out his Soundcloud and hear it for yourself. This sound is a bit different to our normal take for these small parties: but we reckon it’ll go down a treat.

DJ Elektropanda – this spunky Brissy chick has been on our radar for years: and with the waves she is making up and down the coast, we thought it was high time that the Northern Rivers had a listen! Elektropanda’s tastes are broad and varied; she’s played everything from kooky dark techno sounds at underground warehouse parties to classic top 40 remixed house tracks at commercial gigs like Brisbane GayDay. Working with some of our favourite Brisbane DJs, Elektropanda is an up-and-coming DJ who’s totally got our vote. Expect smooth city sounds with an edge of fidget and techno-inspired grunt.

As always, the fires will be blazing out back, warm food behind the bar, plenty of spots to rest your feet, a bouncy wooden dancefloor, crystal clear sound from Pinkerton Audio and beautiful bright lasers and lighting from Jackson’s Technical Services. Camping available on-site!

Sparkling Rainbow Unicorn Queens Birthday Party
Norma’s Kitchen – Lismore Showgrounds, North Lismore
Date: Saturday 11 June 2016 – from 8.00pm
Tickets: – available at the door

For more information, visit: for details. To book a camping site, visit: or telephone: (02) 6621 5916

Image: Sparkling Rainbow Unicorn – courtesy of Tropical Fruits Inc.