Tropical Fruits New Years Eve

TF_KISSBe dazzled. Be delighted. Surrender to the romance of the moment at Tropical Fruits KISS NYE Festival 2014.

Sophisticated elegance is the vogue at KISS, woven from the giddiness and anticipation of a long-awaited kiss. The scene is no-prohibition/no-inhibition, as the refined opulence of art-deco-dance transports you all to an irresistibly carefree era of swinging style.

KISS NYE has three tantalizing dance spaces to swing, shimmy and sparkle yourself on! Arena will warm you up with DJ Dom De Sousa letting loose the beats, before accelerating to dazzling heights with Kitty Glitter, and bringing in the incandescent wings of dawn with Dan Murphy.

Trade will lead you astray with Colin Gaff setting the deep and dirty techno beats, with LADY K taking the baton and deepening the rhythms, before Baby Bear sets your morals loose on the primal edge. Fruits’ darling Matt Vaughan will weave his magic in Gem, followed by the beloved DJ Sveta.

Find your moonshine and quench your thirst at the licensed bar, or fuel your fire with the sumptuous delicacies of the Café. Seek out a quiet corner in the Women’s, Men’s and the Sex and Gender Diverse Spaces, or collect your thoughts from a kissing couch in the Chill Space.

Speakeasy Cabaret combines lavish opulence and saucy scintillation to feed the inner lush in us all. Tempting theatre, song and dance fill the night with a sensory feast of entertainment.

The Art Exhibition will once again host an exciting and eclectic range of artistic expression, providing stimulation for minds and pleasure for the eye. The traditional midnight fireworks will explode at New Years Eve in a moment of rapturous climax across the Lismore sky.

New Year’s Day heralds the increasingly popular pool party, a resplendent feast of flesh, fun and skin held in the post-deco ambience of the Lismore Memorial Baths. DJ’s Sandi Hotrod and Craig Wilson will provide a daytime refresher, to wash off the New Year dust and raunch up the ritz ready for Recovery on the night of 1st January 2015.

Enjoy the early evening free BBQ and Chill dance space showcasing local DJ talents such as DJ Platypuss will warm you up again for the glittering finale of the Recovery party.

Recovery party is the final flirtation of the KISS NYE Festival. DJ Papa Tom will set the pace and weave us all into the lush Recovery vibe. DJ Neroli will lay out her long anticipated musical feast followed by Kate Monroe, holding us all in the embrace of her sounds ‘till the last lingering moment.

Volunteers from near and far converge at NYE to kindle and rekindle connections. The Tropical Fruits camp village grows in size and excitement every year with friendships and intimacies forged in the fire of this totally unique New Year Festival.

For more information and ticketing, visit: or download the Tropical Fruits Festival Guide for more details.

Image: courtesy of Tropical Fruits Inc.