Tropical Fruits 2021 New Year’s Festival Announcement

Tropical-Fruits-Zooper-Dooper-New-YearThe Tropical Fruits Committe has released a statement regarding their New Year’s Festival, Aqueerious Rising.

Due to the on-going COVID uncertainty, Tropical Fruits must sadly announce that our Aqueerious Rising 2021 New Year’s Festival will NOT be going ahead as planned.

The Tropical Fruits Committee’s priority is keeping our community safe.

Our New Year’s Festival is traditionally held over 4 to 8 days with Camping, Parade and Soiree, Camp Party, NYE Dance Party, NYD Pool Party and NYD Recovery Party.

However, we feel that hosting such a large festival this year would carry too much risk to our patrons and volunteers, the Northern Rivers community, and Tropical Fruits.

Tropical Fruits is hoping to host a smaller, more locally focused New Years event experience, the details of which will be revealed soon. What we can share is that we will NOT be able to offer Parade, Soiree, Cabaret or Camping for any event planned for this year.

The details of this proposed experience will be released in November 2021 once details are finalised.

Again, we recognise that this will once more have a big impact on all our valued stakeholders and the wider community.

We want to assure you that we are still very committed to bringing you more wonderful events in the future – we are not giving up!

This has been a challenging decision to make for the second year running, but we want to keep our Fruity Family and our Club safe and strong for the future, when we can all DANCE together as a united family again!

Updates will be posted as soon as we have them both on our social media pages and our website, and of course via email to members.

As always, our deepest gratitude goes out to our members, volunteers, guests, DJs and other performers, suppliers, and partners for your understanding.

Much Fruity love from the Committee and Staff here at Tropical Fruits.

Image: Zooper Dooper New Year – courtesy of Tropical Fruits