Transgender Seeking…

Sunny-Drake-photo-by-Tania-AndersonFollowing sold-out shows in Europe, the USA and Canada, Sunny Drake’s hilarious and tender, Transgender Seeking…, takes a bold look at the new age of relationships at the Footscray Community Arts Centre for a limited season from 27 January.

Jimmy is trying to quit romance, cold turkey, so he’s joined the Romance-aholics Anonymous group. Since his break-up, he’s been trying to prove that he’s “Great! Fine! Never been better!”. His secret comfort is cheesy old black and white romance films – but don’t tell his radical friends…

An exposing, funny and tender look at queer and trans relationships, the bold visions we have and our often hilarious struggles to live up to them.

“I hope the audience leave with questions rather than answers”, says performer and producer, Sunny Drake. “Questioning their own relationships, a generosity with themselves and others and a commitment to figuring out how to be responsible when we mess up in relationships”, adds Drake.

Run-ins with the anti-monogamy police about jealousy, online dating mishaps and figuring out whether to throw out or reinvent mainstream relationship ideals all combine in a smart, fast-paced take on dating in an age of social media and technology.

“Charming and disarmingly clever… Drake is one of those rare provocative performers who are uber smart but ultra cosy at heart…” – Gscene, Brighton UK

Sunny Drake is an Australian queer and trans writer, performer and producer. Now based in Toronto, he has performed in theatres, festivals, streets, deserts, schools, basements & backyards in Australia, the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and Europe.

For his show X, he won the 2013 SummerWorks RBC Arts Professional Award, as well as being named by NOW Magazine for “Outstanding Performance” and “Outstanding Design”. He’s currently in the midst of a 27 town tour across Canada and Australia with two of his one person shows, X and Transgender Seeking….

Previous festival highlights include: San Francisco International Arts Festival (2010), NACL Festival (New York, 2010), three shows in the USA National Queer Arts Festival (2008, 2010, 2012), plus numerous Australian festivals including New Mardi Gras (Sydney 2009 & 2010), Midsumma (Melbourne 2009 & 2010), Metro Arts Independents 2012, the Brisbane Festivals’ Under The Radar (2009) and Feast (Adelaide 2009 & 2010).

Sunny was born and grown on Indigenous Jaggera-Turrabul land (Brisbane, Australia) and comes from English and Irish ancestry. Sunny is the author of a blog which uses personal story to explore queer and trans politics, with over 70,000 readers in the past year. He is currently working on a book project.

Transgender Seeking… is playing at the Footscray Community Arts Centre: 27 – 31 January as part of the 2015 Midsumma Festival. For more information, visit: or for details.

Image: Sunny Drake – photo by Tania Anderson