The Coming Back Out Ball

The Coming Back Out Ball A spectacular social event celebrating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) elders. Hosted by the much-loved Australian arts icon Robyn Archer, The Coming Back Out Ball will be presented at the Melbourne Town Hall as a premiere event of the Victorian Seniors Festival in association with the 3rd National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Conference on Saturday 7 October 2017.

This spectacular evening will be free for LGBTI elders 65 + (booking essential); each guest will receive three course dinner and drinks, with entertainment by leading LGBTI performers including Robyn Archer, Carlotta, Deborah Cheetham, Toni Lalich, Gerry Connolly, Lois Weaver – and supported by an orchestra with conductor, Kathleen McGuire.

Created and produced by All The Queens Men, this night-of-nights will blending showbiz bells and whistles, community celebration, heartfelt story telling, dinner and dancing. This premiere event has been augmented with social transformation projects including LGBTI Elders Dance Club and New Moves High TeaLGBTI Elders Dance Club is held every month throughout 2017 and 2018 at the Fitzroy Town Hall.

The long-term vision is that The Coming Back Out Ball becomes an adored regular event on Melbourne’s social calendar – understood for its inclusivity and cultural significance. The aim is to empower LGBTI elders to assert their social agency, value and worth within a mainstream and ageist paradigm.

The Coming Back Out Ball is inspired by pioneering research revealing that some LGBTI elders conceal their sexual orientation or gender identity when they access aged care services – because they believe they are not safe.

With so much change over the course of their lifetime, some LGBTI elders have lived through a period when being LGBTI could result in imprisonment, enforced medical cures, loss of employment and rejection by family and friends. For this generation, many who fought for LGBTI equality, impending old age may mean going back into the closet, or the risk of being deprived companionship or quality care when they need it most.

There is hope for the older LGTBI community – the Victorian Government has expunged gay convictions and apologised to older gay men for the treatment they received; aged care service providers are embracing strategies to become more LGBTI inclusive; and Victoria will soon create Australia’s first LGBTI Pride Centre.

The Coming Back Out Ball augments research and social services – it’s a public celebration and declaration to LGBTI elders of their worth and value, acknowledging their rich lived experiences.

The Coming Back Out Ball
Melbourne Town Hall, Swanston Street, Melbourne
Event: Saturday 7 October 2017 – 6.00pm
Information and Bookings:

Image: The Coming Back Out Ball