Tash York presents Fringe as F**k – a riotous celebration of chaos and creativity

AAR Tash York Fringe as FKEverything you love about fringe is coming to Glenelg Winter Arts Festival this July with Tash York’s latest creation, Fringe as F**K.

As one of the most beloved faces of fringe, known for her infectious energy and irrepressible wit, York invites audiences to experience a show like no other, where spontaneity reigns supreme and chaos meets creativity.

Fringe as F isn’t just a show; it’s a bold experiment in performance art where even the performers are thrown into the unpredictable fray,” says York “This show is a particular beast of its own.”

“I’ve handpicked incredibly talented performers who are up for the challenge to become the Fringe as F champion… Did I mention there’s a Spinny Wheel involved?”

The Spinny Wheel & Tash’s own discretion dictates challenges that disrupt each performer’s act, introducing unexpected elements such as ringing phones, crying babies, or sped-up music.

On top of that, contestants compete head-to-head in dance-offs and sing-offs under York’s whimsical direction. It’s an uproarious blend of genres and surprises designed to captivate and entertain, embodying the essence of what makes Fringe festivals so unique.

Supported by a line-up of Australia’s favourite variety performers and hosted by the beloved “drunk aunty” persona familiar from York’s previous successes like The After Hours Cabaret Club and Love That For You!, the line-up includes a delicious blend of local and interstate talent including Leather Lungs, Kitty Obsidian, Diana Devine, Ariel Drop and many more!

Audiences can anticipate a rollercoaster of entertainment that celebrates spontaneity, creativity, and the sheer joy of live performance. “This isn’t your average fringe show,” says York. “It’s everything you love about fringe festivals turned up to eleven.”

Tash York is an award-winning performer celebrated for her dynamic stage presence and her ability to push artistic boundaries in cabaret and variety entertainment. With a career spanning across Australia’s top fringe festivals, York continues to captivate audiences with her infectious humour and genuine charm.

Tash York presents Fringe as F**k
The Kingfisher – Glenelg Winter Arts Festival, Colley Reserve, Glenelg
Season: 12 – 14 July 2024
Bookings: www.adelaidefringe.com.au

For more information about the Glenelg Winter Arts Festival, visit: www.gluttony.net.au for details.

Image: Tash York (supplied)