Safe Schools Coalition Under Attack

Safe Schools Coalition AustraliaSince the national roll out of the Safe Schools Coalition last year, the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has relentlessly lobbied state and federal members of parliament, demanding the program be withdrawn.

Safe Schools Coalition Australia provides students and teachers at 450 primary and secondary schools, with important information, training, resources, networks and guidelines to ensure all LGBTIQ individuals be afforded the same learning opportunities as their colleagues.

Far from representing the majority of Australian’s Christians, ACL’s dwindling support base looks more like a fundamentalist fringe group, whose techniques include targeting some of the most vulnerable youths in our nation today.

LGBTIQ students are subject to higher rates of bullying and suicide than non-LGBTIQ students. The Safe Schools Coalition’s work targeting homophobic bullying while building resilience in LGBTIQ- students has been invaluable in protecting young people.

 “This attack by the ACL is based on the deliberate spreading of misinformation and stems from the ACL’s long-standing and obsessive hatred of our community. It is completely unconscionable,” said Jason Tuazon-McCheyne leader of the Australian Equality Party.

Outraged by the un-Christian nature of ACL’s attack on Safe Schools, the Australian Equality Party has started a petition, garnering over 2000 signatures in less than 24 hours.

“It’s very simple, Safe Schools save lives,” said Jason.

The on-line petition is addressed to every state and territory Education Minister, encouraging them to continue supporting and implementing the Safe Schools programs nationally while insisting ACL stop their homophobic rhetoric immediately.

“Please help ensure Safe Schools national roll-out continues and sign this petition reminding each Education Minister to stand strong against homophobia and hatred,” Jason encouraged.

Jason Tuazon-McCheyne will stand as a Senate candidate, representing the Australian Equality Party in the forthcoming 2016 Federal Election.  The Australian Equality Party seeks to make Australia a more inclusive, safer and kinder place for the LGBTIQ community and especially for LGBTIQ young people.

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Source: Australian Equality Party