Safe Always Campaign Highlights Family Violence in LGBTIQ Communities

APN-Chalk-Rainbow-HeartWhile family violence continues to be a serious issue faced by society, Thorne Harbour Health and Rainbow Health Victoria have partnered on a bold campaign putting a spotlight on family violence in LGBTIQ communities.

The Safe Always campaign features four images of LGBTIQ couples juxtaposed with various headline texts about family violence – informed by the lived experience of LGBTIQ people.

The aim is to grab the attention of viewers and achieve a wider recognition of LGBTIQ family violence amongst mainstream service providers and community as well as raise awareness within LGBTIQ communities of experiences of violence that may otherwise remain hidden.

“It’s a confronting campaign, but we can’t be afraid to have the difficult conversation,” said Thorne Harbour Health CEO Simon Ruth. “Unfortunately, LGBTIQ communities are unexceptional in this regard – family violence is real for them too. We need to acknowledge this is happening to LGBTIQ people and we need to address the issue head on.”

“LGBTIQ communities can face difficulties accessing mainstream services that do not understand or recognise their experiences of family and intimate partner violence,” said Rainbow Health Victoria Director Marina Carman.

“The discussion around family violence is often focused on men’s violence against women, but the Safe Always campaign challenges everyone to consider the diversity of experiences of family violence and the need to strive for respect, safety and support for all people, families and relationships.”

The campaign website: provides further insight into LGBTIQ family violence as well as offers guidance around engaging with support services, in particular those with capacity to appropriately support LGBTIQ people.

Image: Chalk Rainbow Heart (sourced)