Riley Street: Mediocre

Mediocre Riley StreetFeaturing an onslaught of unequivocal chaos, Riley Street’s debut cabaret covers everything you ever needed to know about the ‘joys’ of lacking love, life and success – at The Motley Bauhaus on 30 May and 1 June 2024.

Armed with nothing but a piano and a myriad of broken dreams, star of mediocre, Riley, grapples with the question of how to live an extraordinary life through a seemingly unending life of mediocrity; and there are many… many lessons learned.

A delightful mixture of silly, fun and earnest honesty, Riley shares foolish tales of their life’s most embarrassing moments. From the world’s worst Tinder date to a meltdown at a Chapel Street club at 4am, to the utter bliss of unemployment spelling financial doom!

This cabaret cooks up a fresh batch of witty, woeful and wonderful original songs along with comedic concoctions of classic covers. So, come lift your spirits and forget about your troubles by laughing at someone else’s!

“The second-best performer I know!” – Riley’s Father

Riley Street: Mediocre
Cabaret Stage – The Motley Bauhaus, 118 Elgin Street, Carlton
Performances: 30 may & 1 June 2024

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Image: Riley Street (supplied)