Review: The Will To Be

Mark-Salvestro-The-Will-To-Be-photo-by-Sare-ClarkeThe Will To Be is a beautifully inspiring work of one man’s heartbreaking call to arms. The most touching and truly engaging stories are often told in the simplest of ways, and nothing can be truer than this astounding piece of theatre.

At its very core, William O’ Hallaran’s desire for acceptance and love cries out to be heard, trying his utmost to buck against an oppressive world of intolerance.

Mark Salvestro has created a work of timeless relevance, a reminder of what has been, what was and what sometimes, still is. The themes of brutal homophobia and the fear mongering that parallels, paint a dark world in which the protagonist strives to find light in.

Salvestro is a masterful performer, generously delivering a pitch perfect performance that is staggeringly layered and nuanced, while maintaining a restrained subtlety to his characterisation. Salvestro’s use of voice and physicality is astoundingly second to none – this is a performer who has honed his craft with immense intellect and talent.

Steve Carnell, Carmody Nicol, Oliver Ross and Lachlan McLean create a wonderfully simple yet detailed world for the story to play out in. Tiny touches and seamless transitions keep the pace flowing and enrich the world with a sense of deep grounded reality.

The Will To Be is an absolute must see and a powerful reminder of the challenges that were faced throughout Australian Queer history.

The Will To Be
La Mama Courthouse, 349 Drummond Street, Carlton
Performance: Tuesday 20 April 2021
Season continues to 23 April 2021

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Image: Mark Salvestro in The Will To Be – photo by Sare Clarke

Review: Gavin Roach