Review: The Girly Game

FW The Girly Game Donna Kebab - photo by Perth Drag QueensThe Girly Game is one show that you MUST add to your Fringe World list. It is cheap and vulgar and nasty and caaaaaaamp!  This is what Fringe is (or should be) all about – some great local talent just having some damn good fun and leaving the audience in stitches for an hour (or more).

The formula is pretty basic – a mad as hell game show that’s held together with wig glue and the smell of an amyl soaked rag. These Queens know their audience and they have brought their A game… (well maybe their C game, but a hard C).

Over the course of an hour, Donna Kebab, Perri Oxcide and Sassie Cassie snarl and scratch at each other, and their special guests, all the while being egged on by a thoroughly on board audience. But for every venomous barb thrown there was a deep respect for each other and the audience. These Queens know the line and only gingerly cross it when the comedic timing is just right.

With a flurry of glitter, technical mishaps and some of the most detailed knitted genitalia I have ever seen, the Queens surpassed expectation and showcased some damn good old school drag. They aren’t preened or polished and thank god for that.

Nothing has been sanitised or watered down and there are no apologies for how they look, what they say or how they act. This is a show that just wants you to sit down, loosen up and have a god damn laugh!

The Girly Game is testament to good camp local drag and truly what Fringe World should be about. It’s just fun – silly, wild, brash fun! Seeing this show is mandatory, there’s no two ways about it. If you like drag and like to laugh then give them your money! DO IT!

The Girly Game
The Gold Digger at Fringe Central – Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge
Performance: Saturday 25 January 2020
Season continues to 1 February 2020
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Image: Donna Kebab stars in The Girly Game (supplied)

Review: Gavin Roach