Review: That One Time I Joined The Illuminati

MF21-That-One-Time-I-Joined-The-Illuminati-Lou-WallWhile many of us were stocking up on yeast for the endless sourdough lockdown baking, Lou Wall decided to embark on an intensely courageous/foolhardy adventure.

Conspiracy theories and secret society rabbit holes are often deep and dark and full of the misinformation that leads to 4.00am doom scrolling, and yet for many, it is impossible to look away.

Throughout their adventure, Wall walks right up to the edge and gleefully dives head first into the mysterious world of trying to join the Illuminati.

No stone is left unturned, no road not walked down, no thread not pulled – Wall steps up and does everything they can to get to the bottom of this secret society.

Wall is faultless in their performance, writing and songs – they cleverly bounce from dramatic moments to comedically brilliant songs with ease. Their compelling performance draws the audience in, leaving little option but to strap in and join the ride.

That One Time I Joined The Illuminati showcases an artist in their prime – Wall has mastered the musical comedic genre and is absolutely a performer to watch.

That One Time I Joined The Illuminati
Melbourne Fringe Digital On Demand
Season continues to 17 October 2021
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Image: Lou Wall presents That One Time I Joined The Illuminati (supplied)

Review: Gavin Roach