Review: MATADOR – sabor de amor

AF21-MATADOR-sabor-de-amorThe “curious tie between the fall and the creation… taking this ghastly risk is an act of faith and an act of gamble.”

If you love something, let it go. Semi-biographical love story, Matador – sabor de amor, is the beautifully spectacular creation of Melbourne-based Bass Fam and his 14 strong dance company. Matador brings together a high energy dance production-cum-theatre-cum-circus to the Adelaide Fringe with an erotic love story.

Set in Gluttony’s Octagon, this production will please audiences as a highlight of the Adelaide Fringe 2021. Matador captures the moments of love’s contradictions and surrender to self-destruction, raw pain and bliss in all its shapes and sizes.

It tells the story of a seductress Matador, played by Pip Keltie, and the object of her desire – the bull played by Christopher Politis. The audience is carried scene by scene through familiar music of love, desire, betrayal, revenge, acceptance and forgiveness. The synergy of storyline, dance and music (recorded), could only have been improved by live musicians.

Choreographers, Josephine Magliolo and Gerard Pigg, with Mario Acosta-Cevallos and Carmelo Pizzino, bring together diverse talented dance troupes of commercial fusion, ballet, burlesque and Latin, with circus and aerial beauty. The sensual atmosphere throughout the hour and a half showcase mesmerising choreography, raw energy, passion and steamy tension.

The calibre of these dances is worthy of this time length, and of a bigger stage.Of central mention are the spectacular costumes, including the sheer number and designs. They were a phenomenon of their own and are a voyeurists joy.

Every scene displays another costume change of sequins, organza and frill, including adoring masks and heels. This production house offers these same designs online for purchase.

As a seasoned Fringe goer, Matador is up there with some the best and will be a highlight of Fringe 2021. A love story, messy, painful, glorious and hot. Go see it!

MATADOR – sabor de amor
The Octagon at Gluttony, Rymill Park, Adelaide
Season continues to 21 March 2021
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Image: MATADOR – sabor de amor – courtesy of Bass Fam Creative

Review: Angela Velliaris – courtesy of All About Entertainment