Review: Gays of Our Lives

Andy-Ballach-and-Justin-Porter-star-in-Gays-of-Our-LivesGays of Our Lives is a madcap night of hilariously sill and whip smart improvised theatre.

Andy Balloch and Justin Porter are an unstoppable comedic duo – perfectly falling in sync and generously allow each other to shine while individually showcasing their talents.

All the pair need to start the show is a word, just one word and a whole world of characters and stories is created.

From exhausted teachers, to pregnancy scares, forbidden love and licked pens – Balloch and Porter dive deep into each moment and extract exactly what the scene needs and the audience wants.

Balloch and Porter are seasoned performers and it is easy to see why – their presence on stage is relaxed, engaged and welcoming, allowing the audience to join in on each joke and in-joke.

Their generosity on stage is second to none and it is easy to see how abs why they are able to have the audience in stitches scene after scene.

With only two chairs and minimal lighting and sound effects and a pair of top notch performers, Gays of Our Lives manages to be a night of high caliber improvised theatre.

Gays of Our Lives
The Improv Conspiracy Theatre, Level 1 – 19 Meyers place, Melbourne
Performance: Saturday 26 February 2022 – 9.30pm
Next performance: Saturday 26 March 2022 – 9.30pm
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Image: Andy Balloch and Justin Porter star in Gays of Our Lives (supplied)

Review: Gavin Roach