Review: Andy Balloch – Am I the Drama?

MICF-Andy-Balloch-AARAm I the Drama? the eternal question that we can’t help but ask ourselves after an anxiety induced spiral. But not Andy Balloch, he not only asks the question, but he barrels in head first to find the answer.

Reviews will often say that the performer “took the audience on a ride” – but in the case of Balloch’s Am I The Drama? – the phrase has never been more true.

As the work begins, we are introduced to a glittery hologram, our guide on the newest ride at Movie World, Hollywood on the Gold Coast. The ride is full of twists and turns, with each bump and dip the audience peels back another layer of Balloch’s own psyche.

Each story and observation are not simply explored through cliche self discovery, but rather, Balloch showcases his absolute mind blowing wit, perfectly crafted characterisation and his ability to hold an audience in the palm of his hand with sincerity and honesty.

Balloch masterfully weaves a story of self affirmation, self deprecation and self reflection with not a hint of ego or posturing – rather Balloch leans into the opposite.

By using a myriad of characters and pop culture observations, Balloch is able to bring to light extremely important and current issues affecting the Queer community and how we all can do and be better.

It can be difficult to find the balance between comedy and advocacy and yet, Balloch has found the perfect blend. The moments of seriousness land hard but not without care, Balloch has great respect for the audience and ensures that they are with him as he steers the work to a call to arms.

Am I the Drama? is a wonderful example of an artist not only in their element but they have a great joy in performing the work, sharing the moments with the audience and owning their well deserved time in the spotlight.

Andy Balloch: Am I the Drama?
Campari House, 23 – 25 Hardware Lane, Melbourne
Performance: Monday 17 April 2023 – 8.45pm
Season continues to 23 April 2023
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Image: Andy Balloch (supplied)

Review: Gavin Roach