Queer delights at New Theatre for Sydney Fringe

Queer Fringe at New TheatreIn 2016, New Theatre was the proud recipient of the ACON Honour Award for Arts & Entertainment, in recognition of their 25-year commitment to LGBTQI content, including our annual production for the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, and for acknowledging diverse sexualities and genders as an important demographic within the theatre community and audience.

In 2017, they’re expanding and reinforcing that commitment. Over two weeks in September, they are focussing their Sydney Fringe Festival program on the telling of LBGTQI stories in a curated season of six plays. It’s a program ranging across comedy, drama, verbatim, satire and music theatre, including three Australian premieres, and two world premieres of new Australian works.

5 Guys Chillin’
12 – 15 September
Produced by New Theatre – Australian Premiere

Following the successful staged reading at New Theatre during Mardi Gras 2017, we’re excited to be mounting a full production of Peter Darney’s controversial play. Based on interviews with guys found on hook-up apps, this graphic, gripping, funny and frank play exposes the drug-fuelled, hedonistic, highly secret world of the gay chemsex chill-out scene. Director: Patrick Howard Featuring: John Michael Burdon, Tom Christophersen, Stevie Haimes, Will Reilly, Tim de Sousa

Cry Havoc
12 – 17 September
Produced by Neil Khare – Australian Premiere

Explores the troubled relationship between the western world and the Islamic Middle East through the story of a British expatriate writer and his young Egyptian lover in present-day Cairo. Cultural imperialism, religious fundamentalism, political repression, and personal sexuality are deftly unfolded in this tender and shocking play about the dissolution of a loving relationship. Director: Neil Khare Featuring: Penny Day, Ivan Laprida, Jess Scott Driksna

The Things I Could Never Tell Steven
15 – 18 September
Produced by Jye Bryant
Laugh, squirm, and cry as this new Australian musical takes you on a rollercoaster ride with a modern dysfunctional family. Steven has a secret that might tear his family apart. Meanwhile, his wife, mother, father and lover are fighting for his attention and coming to terms with their hidden feelings of betrayal, anguish, frustration and fear. Director: Alex Kendall Robson Featuring: Lucas Glover, Adam Majsay, Matilda Moran, Ruth Strutt Musical Director/Pianist: Antonio Fernandez

All Our Lesbians Are Dead
16 – 19 September
Produced by Natalie Krikowa – World Premiere
When the most common ending for a queer female character on a television drama is a violent death, it’s time to confront writers and producers and demand answers. This new Australian play is a satirical exploration of the ‘Bury Your Gays’ storyline cliché that continues to rear its ugly head. Director: Natalie Krikowa Featuring: Felicity Keep, Stephanie Hamer, Gemma Scoble, Teneale Clifford, Laura Nash

Diva Wars
19 – 23 September
Produced by Tunks Productions – World Premiere
Pick a diva, defend her at all costs. Determined to prove their diva is Queen, there’s nothing that will stop these men and their obsessions for Beyonce, Britney, Cher, Gaga, Kylie, Madonna and Mariah. Written by Sydney playwright Wayne Tunks (The Girlie Show, Fag Boy & the Married Guy), this insightful drama and naughty comedy examines what it is like to be a gay man in 2017. Director: Wayne Tunks Featuring: Tristan Clark, George El Hindi, Lucas Glover, Dan Healy, Timothy Tari, Wayne Tunks, Andrew Wang

The HIV Monologues
20 – 23 September
Produced by New Theatre – Australian Premiere
He’s just your type. But hold on. He’s about to tell you he’s HIV positive. So what are you going to do? Brush it aside and practice safe sex? Dive into a deeper relationship? Or give up and walk away? In this funny, heart-warming and poignant play, three men and a woman reveal how they live with HIV – as lovers, carers, survivors. The HIV Monologues covers three decades, from AIDS to PreP, putting an often difficult subject front and centre in an evening of magical storytelling. Director: Alice Livingstone Featuring: Les Asmussen, Daniel Ross, Edward Skaines, Bishanyia Vincent

Queer Fringe at the New Theatre runs 12 – 23 September 2017. For more information and bookings, visit: www.newtheatre.org.au for details.

Image: courtesy of New Theatre