Pride, Respect, Equality: Victorians asked to support LGBTIQ+ family members

Respect-Victoria-Pride-Respect-Equality-CampaignRespect Victoria is proud to launch a new campaign calling on Victorians to support, respect and celebrate LGBTIQ+ family members. The campaign, Pride, Respect, Equality, showcases the importance of family support in preventing all forms of family violence.

More than six in ten LGBTIQ+ people in Australia have experienced family violence, with perpetrators most likely to be parents or siblings.

“We all deserve to be safe, respected and supported, and there should no longer be a place for outdated stereotypes or discrimination against LGBTIQ+ people,” said Victorian Commissioner for LGBTIQ+ Communities, Ro Allen.

Pride, Respect, Equality invites parents, siblings and other family members to listen to, learn from and stand alongside the LGBTIQ+ people in their lives with pride,” said Commissioner Allen.

The campaign highlights stories from real families in Victoria who have faced challenges along the way, but have chosen to love, respect and support each other.

“No one should face discrimination because of their gender identity, sexuality, or the way that they were born,” said Respect Victoria Chair Melanie Eagle. “We are calling on all Victorians to lead with respect and encourage others to do the same by speaking out against stereotypes and choosing to support and celebrate their LGBTIQ+ loved ones.”

LGBTIQ+ communities can face specific forms of family violence or discrimination that are unique to their sexuality or gender identity, including rejection from family, purposely misgendering or deadnaming a person, refusing access to gender-affirming medication, and faith or religious-motivated abuse.

“We must call out homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, and discrimination against people with an intersex variation,” said Respect Victoria CEO Tracey Gaudry. “Every single person has the right to safe, healthy and respectful relationships, and that should start with family.”

“Celebrating and supporting your LGBTIQ+ family members is a powerful way to let them know they are loved and respected,” said Ms Gaudry.

Minister for Equality, Martin Foley said “It’s vital that Victorian families lead with pride and respect, and support their LGBTIQ+ loved ones by listening, learning and speaking out against discrimination when it is safe to do so.”

For more information about the Pride, Respect, Equality campaign, visit: for details.

Image: Pride, Respect, Equality campaign – courtesy of Respect Victoria